Great Quality at a competitive price!

Even though we can provide more options for the price sensitive customer, we prefer to use the well-known, original Alucobond panels


The standard Aluminium Composite Panel for external use is 4mm in total thickness with two 0.5mm plates, with PVDF coating. Again. Other options are available depending on the customer’s needs.

The standard Alucobond panel is Alucobond Plus whic is fire resistant and another option is Alucobond A2, the only non-combustible panel in the market!

  • Easy to install
  • Uniform, ­flat surface
  • Lightweight yet rigid
  • Versatile and easily formable
  • Highly resistant to weather and other damaging atmospheric conditions
  • Available in a large range of colours and finishes
  • We can match any RAL, NCS, BS or Pantone reference in a range of widths, available with low minimum order quantities

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