Making home art!

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April 17, 2015
Old Factory turned into iconic Offices!
May 17, 2015

Making home art!


As co-founder and business development executive of a previous company, I had the opportunity to work on great projects and collaborate with amazing people.

One such project is this beautiful modern home designed by the talented Maria Charalambides of Epitessera Architects. Most of the photos in this section are hers, as further proof of her exceptionally great artistic taste. 

Maria is an exceptional Architect but also a great person and working with her has really been a refreshing experience in many ways.

In this project the panels were placed in such a way so as to escape the normal flat surface with some panels protruding around 2 cm from the rest. The effect is really astonishing.

As mentioned above, working with Maria was a great privilege, but the same is true for Charis Gavrias, of Nicodemou & Gavrias, who was the main contractor for this project. Charis is a gentle perfectionist who will not rest until the job is finished in the best possible way and always goes beyond the call of duty.